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The Rowan Humffreys Hipster 100

The Rowan Humffreys Hipster 100 – 2012 from Ryan McCrae on Vimeo.

This video just makes me smile. It’s a recap of the Rowan Humffreys Hipster 100 memorial ride/race. Individuals and teams raced around the velodrome to complete 100 laps, but it looks more just like a pretty crazy group ride with every rider on every type of bike imaginable represented.

Filmed by Ryan McCrae Photography – who has a solid set of bike photos on his page.

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  1. Ann & HillmanNovember 29, 2012 at 2:23 am

    Hi Ryan, your video makes us smile to. A great gift for Christmas and it has helped to cheer us up. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job.

    Ann & Hillman

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