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The Raleigh Bunch Contest


From Raleigh:

Raleigh simply wants to give 2 deserving “families” a complete set of bikes (up to $2500 MSRP) I use quotes around “families” as this is a very loose term…we just want to give deserving people bikes.

It’s a nomination style submission. Like we state…we all know some pretty amazing people, that do amazing things, and ask very little in return. This is a great opportunity to submit a simple ‘thank you’…and have Raleigh provide them with new bikes.

We’re not asking for anything out of this. No email sign up. No ‘likes’ to our FB page. We just want an opportunity to pay it forward. (you do have to register to submit…but that’s so we can contact people later on)

Submission is easy. Either type some quick words telling why these people deserve new bikes…or submit a video. The video doesn’t have to be fancy…it can be video just talking about the people. (no need for editing…fades…explosions)

After the final submission date…we’ll evaluate the top submissions. Pick out 6. We’ll then follow up with the top 6 and do an equal and fair write up (or video) on all 6 and post them up for voting. The top 2 get bikes.

Check out http://bit.ly/raleighBunch

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