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The Last Kilometer

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Even non-racers enjoy watching clips of Paris-Roubaix, one of the legendary spring classics that has defined world class racers for generations. The Last Kilometer follows three racers and the ever present superfan El Diablo, and even if you’re as jaded as I am about the fairness of the competition the imagery and history remains striking. Chillisauce has a brief interview with the filmmaker Paolo Casalis to accompany the trailer.

Q: What was it like being exposed to the gruelling world of competitive cycling?
A: It’s not an easy world. Riders have to win, to win, to win
I’ve understood this since the beginning, filming Cadel Evans talking about the upcoming 2012 season (which, unfortunately for him, has been a little disaster)
All the staff, the journalists, the team want the riders to win, and it’s not o easy, really.
Moreover, my characters have “additional pressure”: Ignazio Moser is the young son on a champion, and people always expect the maximum from him; Daivde Rebellin still have to pay for his doping problems, he wants to demonstrate his value and so he continues fighting at the age of 41, but he has many difficulties even only to find a team or to participate to important races.

Q: What’s you lasting impression of the cycling world?
A: I agree with journalist Gianni Mura, who says that “”pic and legend will never abandon cycling”.
We’re in a difficult moment for this sport (see Armstrong and all the stuff about doping) but I think cycling is something greater then these chronicles: cycling is a passion
Cycling is (ad El Diablo says) “the most un-useful and at the same time the most important thing in the world”
Great definition, Didi

Read the full interview at: blog.chillisauce.co.uk

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