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Tallac Design Vier Lock

Vier on mount KS.116

The Vier lock by Tallac Design is a different take on locking mechanisms — neither u-lock or a true folding lock, maybe it’s best to call the Vier collapsible. Using two bodies and two shackle sections, the Vier has comparable security to a u-lock, but can stack much smaller. The design sacrifices fast deployment for easy storage, ideally fitting under a bottle cage. The prototypes on hand at Interbike were larger and a bit clunky around the edges but get the idea across pretty well. Each shackle section fits into a non-keyed body first, turning it 90º to lock in place. The keyed body then engages like a usual u-lock mechanism. Shackle sections can be made to custom lengths, such as that of a truck bed or even length of basement wall to lock up a fleet of bikes at once. Final availability is up in the air, stay tuned to www.tallacdesign.com for more information.

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