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Superb Bicycle Winter Hats

It’s cold. Officially. At least where I live, and we haven’t even dropped into the teens yet, but I’ve already been breaking out my beanies, arm warmers, performance mittens, etc. I have yet to throw on a pair of tights, but it’s getting there. One piece I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection of cold weather gear is this stylish looking winter cap from Superb Bicycle out of Boston. Check out that sweet raised embroidery. They put out a limited run of these last year and they went quick, so Superb released them again. Fresh from the shop, the hats come in green and grey, and are available to order over the phone while the online shop is built. Over the phone! Like in olden times! Pick one up for $30 bucks, then pick up another and send it to me. Thanks bro!

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