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Ok, this is pretty rad. The process for finding a stolen bike can be pretty tedious, though if you really care about getting your bike back the work is worth it. That doesn’t mean we can’t all use a little help and the creators of this search engine are offering just that. Normally, when a bike gets stolen the victim rightfully scours craigslist and ebay looking for someone trying to sell their bike, but having to scour through so many other posts is enough to make you half-blind. This search engine, however, simplifies the process by listing posts from people selling bikes of the same model and in your general vicinity. So instead of bouncing around craigslist searching for your bike in various cities, this engine compiles them all into one. Just doing a fake search for a bike in my area generated a number of sales that already seem pretty suspicious at face value. I hope you never have to look for a stolen bike, but if you do, this search engine just made it much easier.

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  1. bhanceOctober 17, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    And from the other side of the equation, purchasing, don’t forget the stolen serial # search at stolenbicycleregistry.com …

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