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Soma Tradesman Cargo Bike

As utility cycling continues to grow in the United States, Soma Fabrications has decided to jump into the market with their Tradesman Cargo Bike modeled after the classic design of the Schwinn Cycletruck. Designed to easily haul 40-50 lb loads on the lowered front deck, the Tradesman is more a consumer level cargo bike than something for industrial use—a bike for city dwellers looking to use this bike for trips to the grocery store, hardware store and post office and otherwise replacing car with bike transport. It is also designed to be narrow enough to fit through apartment doorways and into cramped city dwellings. Expect the frameset to run about $600 when it becomes available, with pre-orders through dealers happening right about now.

Also check out the Pick Up Artist long wheelbase cargo bike that Soma is considering bringing to market.

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