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Soma Anti-Jack in White

From Soma: We’ve gone n’ dunnit! Made our hardened CrMo Anti-Jack mini U-Locks in WHITE. For those who are going to raise a fuss, go ahead. School us that locks aren’t style accessories or the white will just get dirty too fast…

We would like to think that humanity is getting smarter, but then someone comes up with white bicycle tires and they sell like crazy. We live in a society where intelligence/good sense isn’t as “important” as a pink cell phone. Who’d thunk phones would be such fashion accessories as they are today? Same with athletic shoes, which I am sure at one point someone thought white was an impractical suggestion for that, too. We’re just going to roll with it, rather than point fingers.

So here you have, our white Anti-Jack—just as tough as the black one, though it might not look it. It has the narrow 3 inch shackle that makes it harder to pry than regular size U-locks. Also available with matching white flex-weave steel cable. Sexy. Buy one for your favorite cycling fashionista. After Labor Day, they can switch back to black.

Soma Anti-Jack
- “Mini” 3″ wide shackle
- Hardened CrMo (better than plain old carbon steel)
- 3 lengths to choose from
- Optional 5-ft flex weave cable
- 5 keys including night-light key
- MSRP 35.99 – 39.99

Visit www.somafab.com for more info.

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  1. RaiynApril 21, 2011 at 4:58 am


    Kryptonite’s EARNED my business. Will the REAL bike lock please stand up?

  2. JeffDecember 2, 2011 at 2:04 am

    I love the Soma stuff, and have the narrow Sparrow bar on my regular ride. I hate this Soma lock for three reasons.

    First, if you order it through the Soma site they will not quote you shipping cost. Lock & cable cost an extra $15 to send to Florida, making the combo more expensive than most of the more established options.

    Second, I broke the key off in the second week I owned the lock. It doesn’t take much and the lock is prome of sticking. If you get any resistance, stop, jiggle the lock &/or turn the key over before trying again. The lock works best if it is kept verticel with the key pointed straight down – not very practical, but that’s the best angle.

    Third, tried to return the lock for a credit against future purchases, but after two tries could never get an answer from the Soma guys.

    IF YOU BREAK THE KEY OFF IN THE LOCK – Get over it, calm down, realize you are in trouble, call and cancel whatever you were about to do. Now, go get your spare key, a flashlight, small screwdriver or pocket knife. While you are at it, bring a pair of tweezers.

    Take the small knife or screw driver and turn what’s left of the key so that the opening is parallel to the crossbar. You need to get all the little rectangular openings lined up – those are the anti-jack feature. Once that’s done, if you are lucky and can turn the lock upside down, the key fragment should fall out. If not you will need to do your best to dig it out with whatever tools you have, but unless the openings are aligned you are wasting your time. You should be able to then use your spare key to gently open the lock.

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