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Safe Streets Not Slowing Emergency Responders

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FireTruck-300x217 “Think of the children…” is a common refrain when trying to preserve the status quo. When it comes to resisting bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure there is usually someone making an argument that complete streets improvements hinder emergency vehicles by creating pinch points in otherwise open, traffic-free streets. Streetsblog.org is reporting that response times in NYC in 2012 were lower than in previous years, and this with more bike lanes and pedestrian improvements than ever before.

A data set released by the city Wednesday blows another hole in what has always been a weak and cynical criticism. At an event on Randall’s Island yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg and Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano announced that in 2012, FDNY achieved the fastest average EMS response time in the city’s history. Fewer civilians died in fires last year than ever before, which the mayor and fire chief attributed to another near-record low average response time.

Read the entire article along with links to previous arguments against walkable infrastructure improvements at www.streetsblog.org

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