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Rising From Ashes Film Opening

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risingfromashes_225 Rising From Ashes is the story of the Rwandan National Cycling team and their six year journey to the London Olympics under the guidance of coach Jock Boyer. Catch the opening on August 2nd in New York or Los Angeles, with other cities around the country being added to the schedule.

In Rwanda, ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’, the bicycle is essential to life. It is how you move. It is how you work. And during the Genocide, it is how you survived. Stand on any corner of any village throughout the country, and farmers will scream down hillsides barefoot on 25 year-old bikes loaded with 100 pounds of potatoes, taxi drivers pedal diligently with a mother and daughter in tow, and a child amuses himself for hours guiding a bent wheel down alleyways. It seems natural that bike racing has a rich history in Rwanda. For decades the country has participated in the sport, hosting local races for bragging rights, riding barefoot, many times without brakes or gears. During 100 days in 1994, as Rwandans were systematically murdered, thousands escaped certain death on their bikes. When the dust settled and the perpetrators were subdued, the country mourned the death of nearly one million of their countrymen. Amidst the heartache and trauma, a committed group of young cyclists began importing racing bikes into the country with the hopes of resurrecting the sport. In 2005, legendary bike builder Tom Ritchey explored the country on his bike, and upon meeting a group of cyclists who called themselves Team Rwanda, left with the vision there was potential for a National Team, and a question.

Check out the trailer and current film schedule at www.firstrunfeatures.com

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  1. Anwar OmarJuly 27, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Is this movie available yet?

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