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Random Acts of Bikeness

Random Acts of Bikeness from Giant Bicycles Canada on Vimeo.

Oh, Canada! Giant’s Random Acts of Bikeness (RAB) team will be sweeping through Canada this summer giving new Giant bikes to random riders. No cyclist is safe from the RAB squad, who will be scouring streets, trails and bike parks in search of random bikeness.

The campaign lasts all summer, but you can also enter to win a Giant bicycle by following @GaintCAN on Twitter or on Facebook at “Giant Bicycle Canada” before August 31.

Kinda makes you wish you were in Canada, eh?

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  1. nameJuly 5, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    It’d be cooler if they gave bikes to people in cars and taken the cars away, or at least to people not on bikes.

    Also women in bad polyester suits and wigs would be fun too.

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