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We might have a trend on our hands here. This is the second bike letterpress setup we’ve posted about in a couple weeks. I suspect it’s a subconscious merging of two still functioning and tactile experiences that struggle to gain legitimacy in a culture that continues to speed towards more complex technological advancements. Or maybe not. It could just be a simplistic solution for print fanatics.

The Press Bike is a more stripped down approached to the mobile letterpress. The creators bought a Madsen cargo bike, fashioned a platform for the 3 x 5 Sigwalt tabletop letterpress and put the pieces together. There is enough room in the cargo hold for either more printing supplies or a youngster to come along for the ride and help with the whole operation.

The Press Bike is geared primarily for young kids and budding print fanatics. They have already taken it to a Chicago Montessori school and other kid-friendly events. Look for it in the Chicago area.

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