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People For Bikes and Trek Madone 3.1

Merry Xmas friends. Chances are some unimaginative relative gave you some cash for xmas, but don’t fret, turn that $50 into a Trek Madone 3.1! The bicycle advocacy group, People For Bikes, is giving you the chance to win TWO Trek Madone 3.1 bikes by donating $50 to their efforts. That’s quite a return on your investment, and hey, if you don’t win, the money still goes to support their Green Lane Project and Safe Routes To School Partnership. If your relatives were a little more stingy, you can still get a free bike bell for donating $25. Enter for you chance to win the Madone’s here.

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  1. ascpghDecember 27, 2012 at 6:10 am

    Wow. After revelations of pros and drug use they are giving them away while people are interested in buying handmade steel bikes endorsed by the paperboy or carry-out delivery guy. Marketing fail.

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