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PedalBXL Rides Cargo Bikes on the Tour of Flanders Course

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PedalBXL is a courier service in Brussels, Belgium, located relatively close to the famed Tour of Flanders spring classic. Epic roads out there, last year I had the opportunity to ride part of the Tour of Flanders course and it’s not something I will soon forget — steep climbs, serious cobbles, classic Belgian farmland views. Cobbled 22% slopes aren’t the easiest climbs I’ve ever done, and I’d certainly not want to do them on a loaded cargo bike or with a backpack full of gear. I like their style.

One Comment

  1. DaveMay 3, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    First of all, that bike is surprisingly well balanced and handles like a dream. We need those in the US.

    Secondly, that guy is crazy. There’s no way that was as much fun as he makes it look.

    Crazy SOBs, they don’t even have proper water bottles.

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