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Paul Components Thumbies

One my favorite niche bits I’ve ever purchased are my Paul Components Thumbie shifter perches—I’ve been meaning to write them up for some time. They are currently on my flat bar road bike, an older Surly Pacer with 105 10-speed and perfect shifts every time, with derailleur trim, via the friction top-mounts. As this display shows, you can get them in 22.2 or 26.0 clamp diameters for either mountain or road bars, and with interfaces for Shimano bar end (and some downtube shifters), Campy bar end or SRAM time trial shifter bodies for $67 per pair (which doesn’t include the shifters). Made in the USA to fill a much appreciate niche for the people that prefer new components yet with older top-mount levers for one reason or another.

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