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  • March 24, 2014NAHBS 2014 Image Gallery

    NAHBS 2014 Image Gallery

    Behold all of our 2014 NAHBS bike images in one place for easy gallery viewing. This was our seventh year at the show, check..

  • February 28, 2014Getting Rad at Shopbike Shootout

    Getting Rad at Shopbike Shootout

    When there is a party in the back alley of One on One Bicycle Studio, it is not to be missed. Over the years 115 N Washington St has become..

  • February 19, 2014City Reports Wanted

    City Reports Wanted

    Urban Velo’s new City Report will be an ongoing, reader-contributed segment that highlights cities around the world. We’ve..

  • February 17, 2014City Report – Pittsburgh

    City Report – Pittsburgh

    The following is a new reader-submitted feature we are piloting. We crafted the first one as a model for future contributions, so share..

  • February 3, 2014Vicious Cycles / Metal Guru Shop Tour

    Vicious Cycles / Metal Guru Shop Tour

    Carl Schlemowitz founded Vicious Cycles in 1994, and has been building custom steel frames in picturesque upstate New York ever since. Like..

    Naked Cyclist Campaign

    It’s a UK-based awareness program, but I would love to see something like this in the States. Sure, the commercial probably wouldn’t fly, but the side view mirror stickers are a wonderful idea. Or maybe the stickers should be put on the rear view mirror…or on the windshield…or on a cell phone. Regardless, any reminder to look for cyclists/motorcyclists/less visible road users is great.

    Giant To Promote Sub $500 Bikes

    Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 10.00.29 PMFrom Bicycle Retailer:

    Giant USA is targeting new, entry level bike consumers with a new campaign that includes lower retail prices on 30 models of bikes starting March 31.

    The company is calling the campaign “Gateway to Adventure,” and said it will be more than just a short-term promotion.

    “This is a long-range strategic change,” said John “JT” Thompson, Giant USA’s executive sales director in a statement Wednesday. “We’re making every effort possible to broaden the market and get more new consumers into our retailers’ stores.”

    Read more.

    Fairdale R&D

    Horse Cycles Short Film

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    Chrome Folsom Pants

    folsom_pant_hero_7 Chrome has been making knickers and shorts for a few seasons, and has now introduced their first full length pant, the Folsom. Made with water and stain resistant 2-way stretch Schoeller fabric the pants are made for riding throughout changing conditions while still being comfortable and passable off the bike. Double layer crotch and flat seams make it long wearing, with a reflective patch and u-lock holder on the back. Five pockets give you a place for hands and a wallet, and a place for a mini u-lock as the built in holster fits full sized versions only. Available for $160 in 28″ to 36″ men’s sizes.

    Zoic Really Long Socks

    ZOIC Really Long SockHere’s a good idea for cold weather cycling—really long socks! Or really tall, if you will. The ski industry has been hip to this for years, and a few wise and fashion-forward bike brands have offered them, but I contend there’s still not enough. At 18″ tall, Zoic’s Really Long Sock adds warmth and versatility to your winter gear selection. They’re especially good for days when the weather might shift, as you can push them down the same way you do with arm warmers.

    These socks are made from 70% polyester, 12% nylon and 18% spandex. They come in S/M or L/XL and retail for $15. Check out www.zoic.com

    Ti Cycles Truss Fork Gravel Di2 NAHBS Bike


    This mash up of genres is a gravel bike from Ti Cycles, built around carbon 26″ wheels, an electronic Shimano Di2 Ultegra group, and that titanium truss fork. Neither mountain nor cyclocross, this is a one of a kind adventure bike. Built in Portland OR, this one is destined for some all day epics exploring endless gravel and dirt roads. www.ticycles.com

    Engin Force CX1 Cyclocross at NAHBS


    The one goes to eleven. Engin’s latest titanium cyclocross bike is outfitted with the hot of the presses SRAM Force CX1 1×11 group and built for race day. Perhaps the only nod to riding besides racing is the single bottle mount for training rides where you just might get thirsty. www.engincycles.com

    Cherubim NJS Track Bike at NAHBS


    Straight from the track to the show, this bike from Cherubim is beyond full NJS, it is heading back into active keirin duty. Years after the NJS ship sailed I still love the aesthetic and classic simplicity of steel NJS bikes. Cherubim makes some of the finest bikes around, and it was great to get a chance to see a raced-used rather than show bike up close. This very bike has gone very, very fast with piles of money on the line. www.cherubim.jp

    Friday Follow – Franco650B

    Josh Bryant (Franco650B on IG) welds together tubes for bicycles of the 650B persuasion, takes photos of the process (or has them taken) and supplements those with frequent ride photos. Located in the PNW, you’ll catch a lot of foggy, wooded riding shots and maybe a cup of espresso or two. Instagram photos and non-IG photos (what are those?!) can be found on his blog.


    Don Walker Throwback Stayer Bike at NAHBS


    This throwback stayer bike by Don Walker was making a repeat appearance at the show and I had to give it another shot. Stayer racing is a type of racing where people ride purpose built bikes like this within the draft of a motorcycle on a banked track, reaching pretty incredible speeds in the process. The “backwards” fork and braced saddle and bars are all meant for stability at speed. Newly built to resemble bikes from the 1950′s, this bike has custom Curtis Odom hubs and chainring and genuine wooden rims for that period look. www.donwalkercycles.com

    Independent Fabrications Belt Drive Ti Travel Road Bike at NAHBS


    Independent Fabrication is well versed in belt drives and S+S couplings, and created this travel road single speed for this year’s show. No oversized luggage fees, no grease when you reassemble in some far off hotel room. www.ifbikes.com

    ANT Bike Truss Fixed Gear at NAHBS


    ANT proprietor Mike Flanigan loves the old Iver Johnson truss bikes, and has made a number of modern models with the truss toptube design. Originally in place to strengthen weak tubes, today it’s mainly a matter of style and continues to build a durable frame. This fixed gear is meant for meandering road rides, and looks the place of turn of the century scorcher with today’s parts and handling. I could see many years of rides on a bike like this. antbikemike.wordpress.com

    SyCip Titanium Kids Mountain Bike at NAHBS


    SyCip has been at it building steel bikes since 1992, but this is the first complete titanium bike Jeremy Sycip has built. It pays to be the daughter of a bike builder, as this tiny bike is as nice as a life long adult rider could ever truly need. I just love the segmented fork and throwback bullmoose bars, and can’t help but gawk at the custom Phil Wood headset and seatclamp. www.sycip.com

    Airtight Cycles Möbius Aero Crit NAHBS


    Airtight Cycles out of Brooklyn, NY built this single speed crit racer. Dubbed the Möbius Aero Crit after the way that the staggered hellenic seat stays seemingly wrap around the top tube, the bike is an understated eye catcher. Check out those seatstay and chainstay end caps and the built up joint behind the headtube. www.airtightcycles.com

    Indianapolis Bikeshare Program

    bikeshareBikeshare programs may be the new hallmark of a legitimate, socially-progressive city. Indianapolis is the next city to implement a bike sharing program beginning this May. Run by the Indianapolis Cultural Trail organization, the bike share will allow users to secure 24 hour, 3 day or annual memberships and consist of 25 stations and approximately 300 bikes.

    Conversations with local riders about the program have been mixed about it’s potential success, but everyone seems to be approaching it with positivity. No resistance to the program has been shown by other residents, such as the furor that arose in New York just before implementation of their program.

    If your city is implementing a similar program soon, let us know and we’ll give it exposure.

    Cykelmageren NAHBS City Bike


    Cykelmageren bikes out of Copenhagen always require a second glance to truly take in all of the one-off details. It’s easy to notice the brakes where you simply pull on the sheathed cable, or even the downtube integrated friction shifter, but the custom rebuilt deraileur and hourglass top tube are worth a second look. Word is that top tube is two fork blades jointed at end to end to achieve the desired shape. www.cykelmageren.dk

    Zukas Cycles NAHBS Bike


    Long and low. Nate Zukas of Zukas Cycles built this bike out of his small workspace in Augusta GA. The integrated seatmast, slammed stem, front disc and super thin stays drew me in to this road fixed trainer. www.zukascycles.com

    Lundbeck Cycles Road Travel Bike at NAHBS


    Lundbeck Cycles builds out of Cincinnati OH, and had this airline travel capable steel road race bike on display at NAHBS. You can’t beat the classic looks of brazed construction and relatively small diameter steel tubes. S+S Machine travel couplings allow the bike to break in half for easier shipping and checked bag airline travel, even for a bike of this size. www.lundbeckcycles.com

    Retrotec Cycles NAHBS Cyclocross Bike


    The curves get me every time. Retrotec Cycles are bent and built in Napa CA and are a mainstay of NAHBS, having been on display at 9 of the 10 shows to date. This cyclocross bike features through axles front and rear, making the frame a mix of old school looks and new school function. Year after year Retrotec has some of the best lines of the show. www.ingliscycles.com

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