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  • July 14, 2014New Albion Homebrew

    New Albion Homebrew

    In 1579 Sir Francis Drake landed in northern California and dubbed it New Albion. In 1976, Jack McAuliffe founded the now defunct New..

  • July 10, 2014Worksman Cycles Gallery

    Worksman Cycles Gallery

    Housed in a former candle factory in Queens, New York is one of America’s oldest manufacturing traditions. Worksman Cycles is a..

  • July 9, 2014Wolfpack Civic Center Crit Racer Profile: <br /> Sean “Young Blood” McElroy

    Wolfpack Civic Center Crit Racer Profile:
    Sean “Young Blood” McElroy

    Sean McElroy had only known about the Civic Center Crit for a week, maybe two, before coming to claim the dog tags in the men’s road..

  • June 4, 2014Fuji Feather CX 1.1 Bike Review

    Fuji Feather CX 1.1 Bike Review

    Cyclocross bikes have long been a choice for the rider looking for a versatile machine—enjoyable on long road rides, capable on trails..

  • June 2, 2014Issue #42 – Available Online

    Issue #42 – Available Online

    Contents Include: Utilitarian Bicycles in China, City Report: Washington DC, Gallery: SF Courier Portraits, Redhook Crit Women’s Race,..

    Alligators and Cornflakes

    There are too many amazing one-liners in this 3:40 video to pick a favorite. I just…just…there are no words. This guy has taken them all.

    “Dead Red” Law Passed in Indiana

    idaho_s04_0830Going into effect on July 1st, the “Dead Red” law will allow cyclists and motorcyclists to roll through a red light after…wait for it….2 minutes of waiting. As this article mentions, cops aren’t going to put a stopwatch on you, but we do have the option of ignoring the red light for our own convenience and at our own peril. Similar to the “Idaho Stop”, we’ll now be able to run the red…legally, but only because the light tripping sensors embedded into the pavement aren’t activated by our svelte figures and lack of body mass due to all that riding we’ve been doing. Ultimately, this means very little for us by way of convenience, but it does afford us a couple of exploited privileges. 1. We can cite the law should we get stopped for running a red, if we are sure that hypothetical stopwatch wasn’t being used on us, and 2. It’s a step in the right direction for establishing the “Idaho Law”, which, let’s face it, most of us follow already.

    First the gay marriage ban was struck down and now Dead Red laws. Mark my words, Indiana is the new Oregon…or maybe Idaho.

    Bike Jerks 2014 All City Championship

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    ACC_2014_Poster_REV Three days of event — track, cross, alleycat — await at the 2014 All City Championship July 10-12 in Minneapolis. See more at www.bikejerks.com

    Chrome Forged Rubber

    Chrome has introduced the Forged Rubber line of shoes, featuring natural rubber soles fused directly to the shoe uppers using decades old tech that just works better. These 70 year old machines were rescued from Slovakia and refurbished, bringing old school shoe making tech back to life. Each sole is fused to the shoe without the use of adhesives or stitching, creating what promises to be a more durable shoe, more akin to army boot construction than sneakers.

    FRMFT_Flyer Check out the Forged Rubber construction and pick up your own pair of shoes at discount at the mobile factory tour, slated for the Chrome stores in New York City July 1-2, Chicago July 11-12, Seattle July 18-19, and Portland July 25-26.

    Knog Night Ride Pittsburgh

    knog_nigh_tride_pittsburgh-4Night rides are best spent exploring the grimey underside of things, at least that’s always been my opinion. Nothing like ‘cross bikes, charged lights and a sense of adventure. A couple of weeks back Knog came to town with a bag full of lights and we got together a few friends for a couple of hours of the finest bike paths, dirt trails and renegade no man’s land railroad track riding we could throw together. Light car and lighter trail traffic make night riding all the better, even if on this particular evening rain made for some treacherous bridge crossings and wet feet all around. Stopped for some backpack beers atop a soon to be developed wasteland, hopped the tracks where trails unofficially converge, filled our stomachs with sandwiches that feature it all. Great times, as all friendly night rides should be.

    Look for the next Knog night ride in New York City, tentatively scheduled for the evening of July 24th.

    Breadwinner Cycles B-Road

    Breadwinner Cycles B-Road from Breadwinner Cycles on Vimeo.

    It’s Friday. If you needed a little motivation for a long weekend ride…here it is. Ira Ryan taking on the Oregon Outback atop the Breadwinner B-Road, a bike designed specifically for this type of riding.

    Progress Packaging LeTDF Musettes

    Progress Packaging has teamed up with a number of companies to create TDF inspired musettes for the stage beginning in Yorkshire. They can be purchased at the address in the video and Creative Review has a full listing of designs available.mus1

    Brooks Cambium C15

    C15 Slate - 34

    Brooks England’s leather saddles have been a classic bike component for a century, with countless people swearing by their well worn, old-school Brooks over more modern materials and construction. Just a couple of seasons ago Brooks introduced their first Cambium saddle made not of leather but of an organic canvas and vulcanized rubber top, providing a waterproof and maintenance free Brooks. The latest is the narrower and racier C15 Limited Edition, meant for distance riders and people that prefer a lower profile perch. Brooks saddles have never come cheap and the C15 retails for $225, but given that it isn’t rare to find decades old saddles still in service the price can be a bit easier to swallow. See more at www.brooksengland.com

    Amtrak To Add Bicycle Cargo To All Long Distance Routes

    Unknown In big news for bicycle travelers Amtrak has announced that they are adding baggage cars with bicycle cargo capability to all 15 long distance train routes that they serve. By the end of the year riders should have roll-on bicycle service, expanding the horizons of where you can take your bike, or where you can ride to and find an affordable way home. I’ve utilized roll-on service on the west coast to travel between cities, and it’s a great feeling to be able to ride directly to and from the train station. Look for 55 new cars capable of carrying bicycles by the end of 2014. Read more at www.post-gazette.com

    MYBELL Customizable Horn and Light

    MYBELL is for the person that wants to update their horn like they update their ringtone, when conforming to everyone else’s ding and blink just doesn’t cut it. You can customize two different — one for catching people’s attention, another for not scaring folks on the shared use path — and a custom programmable light pattern. Output tops out at 105 dB for the horn and 110 lumens for the LEDs. Drag and drop customization makes things easy, MYBELL shows up as a drive when you plug it into a USB port to update or recharge. Easy on, easy off, see more and pre-order your own for $99 if you like what you see at the MYBELL Kickstarter.

    Forever Forward

    The riders at Forward Set through together this short doc on creator, Kirk Tsonos, and his daily happenings.

    FWDSET: Forever Forward from Forward Set on Vimeo.

    I Love Riding in the City – Dan Kehlenbach

    NAME: Dan Kehlenbach
    LOCATION: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
    OCCUPATION: Strength and Conditioning Coach

    Where do you live and what’s it like riding in your city?
    My wife is active duty military and we are currently stationed in Puerto Rico. We live in Old San Juan and by far the best way around the city is by bike. Traffic can be quite challenging and the roads here weren’t designed to handle the volume of vehicles that currently make their way in and out of the city.
    Old San Juan is a gem in terms of history and architecture. By using my bike to get around, I can enjoy and take in all the sites. I am currently using a Brompton to get around. No bike racks, no problem – I’ll just take my bike in with me.

    What was your favorite city to ride in, and why?
    Hands down Anchorage, Alaska. You can get all over the city on multi-use trails. There’s all kinds of great restaurants, bookstores and parks that can be accessed by bike. Studded tires makes it possible to ride year round. Oh, just watch out for the moose. They’re all over!

    Why do you love riding in the city?
    There’s so much to take in while in the city and riding around allows me to really enjoy it without worrying about parking, traffic jams, and all the hassles about driving. Photography is a hobby of mine and I’ll always have a camera with me while riding, and this is a great city to photograph!

    Check out http://www.pbase.com/dan_kehlenbach/root

    Clug – Bicycle Wall Hanger

    I’ve always had 2 reservations with hanging my bike on a wall. 1. The stress the weight of the bike can place upon my wheels and spokes, and 2. The fear of the mount ripping from the drywall. Clug manages to avoid both of these issues by utilizing floor support and taking the gravitational pull off the bike itself. Really, why do we need to have the bikes OFF the ground in the first place? It’s a clever, space saving, easily installed solution for bike storage needs.

    Bern Allston Life At Full Speed

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    Look out, it’s Cory the Courier.

    North St Bag Switch Program

    north streetI love a program that relies on upcycling over recycling and North St Bags is doing just that with their “Switch” program. It works like this:

    1. Bring in your backpack, messenger bag, pannier, handlebar bag, etc. (some exclusions).
    2. Receive 20% off your next purchase from North St.
    3. North St. will take care of and donate the bags to the Community Cycling Center (among other organizations) for resale…benefiting CCC and you!

    Let’s face it, sometimes you stow away a perfectly useable bag because you wanted shinier colors, greater street cred, or the latest technology enhanced pack. Now you don’t have to feel so guilty about doing so and can get a bag to someone else who needs one, but doesn’t have the money to buy a new pack. Good for you, good for them!

    Although North St is located in Portland, Oregon, you can mail them a pack from anywhere in the world, order a new one online, and get the same benefits. See all the details about the Switch program here.

    Coffee On A Bike…In An Airport

    gate coffeeThose brilliant Finns. The Helsinki airport is now offering gate-serviced coffee…by bike. So, instead of worrying about dragging your luggage through the terminal (“Unnattended luggage will be exploded by a robocop type mechanism…thank you.”) just to get a cup of liquid nap, Gate Roastery brings it to you, with a bike…because we all know how long those walks can be from A1 to G14. Think about it, you’re speed walking to the connecting flight when you see some poor excuse for coffee (all offense intended Dunkin Donuts) staring you down, forcing you to calculate a wait in line for some liquid tar against the wait in line to get on the plane safely…but now…no stopping necessary! Get to your gate, wait in line, and listen for the distinct *ding ding* of the bike bell as the high-quality coffee comes rolling to you! With this amenity, I’d consider flying…anywhere. Read the full article on Gate Roastery here.

    As a part of the TravelLab project, Finavia is bringing this invigorating Finnish ritual to Helsinki Airport passengers, directly to the gate. In Gate Roastery, Finnish quality coffee from Helsinki-based Kaffa Roastery is brought to passengers waiting for their flights at the gate area. They will have the opportunity to buy a freshly brewed cup or a souvenir of Kaffa products to be enjoyed at home.

    Our TravelLab technicians will be zooming around the airport with sleek and classy Finnish-made Pelago bicycles.

    Bamboo Biker Boys

    Bamboo Bicycle Club is a London based organization holding workshops teaching everyday riders how to build their own bicycle using bamboo and carbon fiber wraps. Two days and you too can have your own bamboo bike, and a bit better understanding of how it all comes together.

    R.E.Load Bags – Megapack Demo

    Roland of R.E.Load Bags gives the details on their messenger-sized bag, the Megapack, the largest bag in their offering. Admittedly, I’m a little bummed circus clowns didn’t come pouring out upon opening.

    Le TDF and TFL Posters

    I’m a sucker for bold colors, bold shapes and posters, so I naturally find these fantastic. Transport For London commissioned designers, M&C Saatchi, to create posters alerting London public transit passengers to potential traffic complications during the Tour De France. Eye-catching and informative, I love the inclusion of the TFL logo and uncomplicated message. I’d find a way to get some prints if I was in the area, but I think these are only going to be public info posters and not for sale.

    Via Creative Review

    I Love Riding in the City – Derek Gray

    derekNAME: Derek Gray
    LOCATION: Washington, D.C
    OCCUPATION: Bicycle Mechanic

    Where do you live and what’s it like riding in your city?
    DC can’t be duplicated. You can ride along the river and through Rock Creek Park, cruise down the National Mall and by some monuments, or deal with the hustle and bustle of Downtown and Chinatown. It’s a small city but the terrain is so varied from neighborhood to neighborhood. What do you want to ride? DC has it. Also, with our low skyline, it’s always sunny.

    What was your favorite city to ride in, and why?

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say Denver was my favorite. The view is spectacular and I love the rare air. And there’s just so many beautiful parks to ride past.

    Why do you love riding in the city?

    It’s just the best feeling. Once I get into rhythm with traffic (cars and bicycles) I don’t want to stop. But, if I need to, I know there’s an abundance of cafes, shops, bars, and overall points of interest on any given corner if a breather is in order.

    City Reports