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Optic Nerve – Gemini and Saygo

Optic Nerve sunglasses
Optic Nerve is a small company from Colorado owned by two guys named Tom and Bill. It began as a sunglasses retailer, which Tom’s dad started and eventually sold to the entrepreneurial duo. They soon started designing and importing their own sunglasses.

Optic Nerve has a slightly different take on marketing and promotion. Simply put, not many companies would be so frank as to say, “Our shades are pro-quality and have been tested by top athletes as well as crappy athletes, truck drivers, beginner pilots, moms, and absent-minded kids.”

What’s nice about Optic Nerve is that most of their products are very affordable, yet not so cheap that they sacrifice quality. I know this because I had a pair years ago, and they stood the test of time until I gave them to a friend who needed a new pair of shades.

Recently Optic Nerve sent two pair of glasses in for review. The Saygo (left) is the more sport-specific of the two. Designed for small or narrow faces, they come with two sets of lenses and retail for $49. I like them because they’re simple and classic with bits of silicone for comfort and stability. I also like that the microfiber bag has pockets for the second set of lenses. My one nit to pick is that the lenses can be a bit difficult to seat properly, and if you don’t get them situated just right, they could pop out of the frames. I’ve definitely had interchangeable lens sunglasses that were better in this respect, but they did cost nearly three times as much.

The Gemini model (top) is intended for small to medium sized faces. These traditionally styled sunglasses feature impact-resistant, polarized lenses. These have been my go-to all-around sunglasses lately, as they’re comfortable and pretty stylish. Retail is $49 for these, as well.

Check out www.opticnerve.com

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