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Nutcase Snow Sport Helmet

Up until recently, this winter has been unseasonably mild in my neck of the woods. And so the Nutcase Snow Sport helmet wasn’t getting much use. Thankfully (?) mother nature blessed us with a heaping helping of winter weather last week, and I was able to continue my product test that began at the end of last winter.

Basically, the Snow Sport helmet features the same design as the previous Nutcase helmets that I’ve reviewed (the Classic and the Gen2). It has an injection-molded ABS shell and an EPS Shock absorbing liner. The 11 vents are covered with a micro-fine mesh that helps block the wind and snow while still allowing for some ventilation. And there is a fleece-lined interior with detachable ear pads, as well as a pad on the chin strap.

Like other Nutcase helmets I’ve tested, it’s comfortable and not terribly heavy considering the amount of material utilized. The winterizing elements help add warmth, but aren’t over the top, thus you still have an option to modify and regulate according to the weather conditions. Often times I use the helmet as-is, sometimes I add a thin skull cap. Other times I go for a full blown balaclava.

As the Nutcase Snow Sport helmet is intended for snow sports, it meets ASTM F2040 snow sport safety standards. However it has not been certified by the CPSC for bicycle use. According to Nutcase, “It would likely pass, but since we haven’t tested it, we can’t claim it does.”

The Snow Sport helmet retails for $80. Check out www.nutcasehelmets.com.

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