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Nona Varnado Interview & Art Crank LAX

I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the photo of Nona Varnado in the last Urban Velo I found myself lingering on the page. Sorry, not being a creeper, just being honest. I definitely appreciated her sense of aesthetics, but was more impressed by the utilitarian, yet incredibly stylish, line of cycling clothing she designs and sells. Turns out, she’s been in the cycling community for a long time, which is evidenced by the thought that goes into her designs.

Beyond that, Varnado is also responsible for bringing the Art Crank’s poster show to Los Angeles, hosting it in the art, lifestyle, cycle culture space she helped create titled “Red #5, Yellow #7″. The Art Crank show kicks off Saturday at 6:00 and runs through December 17th.

Check out this interview to get the skinny on the Art Crank show, Orange 20 bikes, Varnado’s apparel line and the woman behind it all.

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