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NiteRider Stinger USB Taillight Review

DSC_9617The NiteRider Stinger USB taillight uses a single high power ½ watt LED to keep you visible from up to a half-mile away. Designed to be mounted on a seatpost, the tool-free mounting system works on both traditional and aero posts.

The Stinger USB features a 25 lumen output and four modes that should cover you in most situations: High steady (4 hour run time), low steady (16 hours), flash (16 hours) and flash 2 (10.5 hours). NiteRider is a believer in using lights during the day, as well as at night, and so they refer to the 16 hour flashing mode as “daylight safety flash mode”. They also refer to low steady as “group ride mode” for obvious reasons.

DSC_9619The unit is USB rechargeable, and a full charge takes less than two hours. This means you can easily recharge your light during the workday, even if you forget about it until well after lunch.

DSC_9625Aesthetically, I think the Stinger USB looks pretty cool. More importantly, it’s easy to use. You actually press on the light itself, and single clicks cycle through the four modes as well as on and off. You know when you’ve reached the “off” mode because the bulb flashes momentarily before the unit powers down completely. If the battery charge is greater than 20% when the Stinger USB is turned
off, it will flash blue 10 times. If the battery charge is 20% or less when
turned off, it will flash red 10 times. It’s simple enough to operate with gloves or even mittens.

The Stinger USB retails for $35. Check out www.niterider.com

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