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Nintendo Wii CyberBike Stationary Bike Accessory

500x_cyberbike2 What you see here is the BigBen Cyberbike stationary bike accessory for the Nintendo Wii gaming system, the next evolution first started with the Nintendo Power Pad. The Cyberbike ships with what seems like a questionable game of saving the planet by powering a pollution clearing flying bicycle across the world and is also compatible with at least one other racer game, Mario Kart. At first glance the stationary bike looks like a limited piece of equipment destined to break before its time, but with no word on pricing it’s hard to give a verdict. See more at Wired and SlashGear.

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  1. Allan W. TraphaganOctober 27, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    I just bought an indoor bike trainer. ( my first ). It should arrive tomorrow. I will let you know how many tons I’ll lose this winter!

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