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New Light & Motion Urban and Taz Models

Light & Motion TazThe collective bike-light industry’s all-in-one light offerings just keep getting better and better. Light & Motion’s new Urban 700 and Taz 1000 and 1200 are prime examples. We reviewed the Urban 550 back in March. Named, of course, for their respective brightness in maximum lumens, each model offers numerous power settings and USB rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The Taz models are reputedly waterproof to 1 meter, which isn’t far fetched since they’re made by a diving light company. The Urban 700 retails for $160, the Taz 1000 is $250, and the Taz 1200 is $300. Check out www.lightandmotion.com

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  1. DonJuly 15, 2013 at 10:56 am

    I love my L&M 200, which is more than adequate for my needs in town. The thought of 700 blows my mind. Don’t lose it halfway through a midnight trail ride! The company website says the reflectors now have “micro peens” to enhance the beam. Forgive me, but is that another way of saying “We gave the reflectors tiny bumps, and that seems to work better”? : )

    Just kiddin you, L&M. We love you, man!

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