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NAHBS 2009 Sunday

day-4-31_18 One full week after the North American Handmade Show wrapped up there are still a few last images of bikes and builders to share. Here we have another 60 or so studio pictures of bikes from the likes of Independent Fabrication, Alternative Needs Transportation, Richard Sachs, Geekhouse, ZR Cycles and more. This wraps up our bike coverage of the ’09 show, roughly 500 images of bikes posted from just about every builder featured at the show. Thanks for reading along – now we all wait to find out the location for next year’s show. Don Walker says it should be within a few short weeks, but until then let the speculation begin.

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Independent Fabrications of Boston, MA are one of the better known custom bicycle makers out there, especially in the eastern part of the country. They went on to win best carbon bicycle, but this ultralight Tune component equipped mountain bike and urban pursuit show-bike were the bikes that made it to the studio.

day-4-31_9 day-4-31_10 day-4-31_11 day-4-31_12

Naked had this commuter on display as well as the mountain bike featured earlier. Sam likes to work with wooden bicycle parts, complementing the rims with custom platform pedals in this case. Note the iron work in the rear triangle and around the headtube, created by his young shop apprentice.

day-4-31_13 day-4-31_14 day-4-31_15 day-4-31_16

ANT Bike Mike has retooled the Alternative Needs Transportation lineup and consolidated the offerings to just a few bikes, of which he’s most proud of the sub-$2000 bike pictured here, making a fully custom town bike a bit more reasonable than in the past but still in the realm of an educated consumer.

day-4-31_17 day-4-31_18

As the new breed of urban riding evolves, so do the bikes. Geekhouse had this disc brake singlespeed at the show, overbuilt and featureing a 20mm through axle up front and large enough tires for harsh riding.

day-4-31_19 day-4-31_20 day-4-31_22 day-3-228_124 day-3-228_125 day-3-228_126

ZR Cycles of Madison, WI caught my eye with the pictures cargo bike and slick integrated, tip-proof stand. The track bike is pretty nice too.

day-4-31_23 day-4-31_24 day-4-31_25 day-4-31_26 day-4-31_27 day-4-31_28 day-4-31_29 day-4-31_30

Groovy has some of the most out-there color schemes of the show, all hand done in-house. They also make their own segmented handlebars and are one of the many builders using S+S couplings to make travel easier.

day-4-31_31 day-4-31_32 day-4-31_33 day-4-31_34 day-4-31_35 day-4-31_36 day-4-31_37

Mitch Pryor of MAP Bicycles learned his rack making craft from one of the best, Joseph Ahearne. The gray and blue light touring bike is Mitch’s personal ride, used for overnight trips and other such fun.

day-4-31_40 day-4-31_42 day-4-31_43 day-4-31_44 day-4-31_45 day-4-31_46 day-4-31_47 day-4-31_48 day-4-31_49

Richard Sachs has been known as one of, if not the, finest framebuilder for a very long time His waiting list isn’t quite as long as his resume, but it does measure in the years.

day-4-31_50 day-4-31_51 day-4-31_52 day-4-31_53 day-4-31_54 day-4-31_55

VeloColour is a Toronto based frame painted. Coming from a fine art background, painter Noel Rosen does quite the job on bicycle tubes rather than canvas, taking home the best paint award at this years show.

day-4-31_57 day-4-31_56 day-4-31_58 day-4-31_59 day-4-31_60

More from the talented hands of Jordan Hufnagel, note the fully internal routing on the ‘cross bike leaving little to get hung up on during portage and the gleaming polished rims on the track frame.

day-4-31_61 day-4-31_62 day-4-31_63

Last but not least, an appropriate bike to wrap up the show bike coverage with. Peacock Groove plated everything on this bike in copper, spokes, hubs, frame, bars… Even added a few pennies here and there to keep things honest.

This post marks the end of the 2009 NAHBS bike coverage. Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed it. If you’ve not already, be sure to check out the rest of the 2009 and 2008 NAHBS images at our NAHBS photo page.


  1. Ghost RiderMarch 9, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Awesome…like I said before, the best coverage on the Web. Thanks, Urban Velo — it was almost like being there, but in a way, better: none of the builders can complain about my drooling problem!!!

  2. jimmyMarch 9, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    that geekhouse and it’s partner from the show are up on ebay if anybody has $3k to throw down. a deal in reality.

  3. TerryMarch 9, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    I love all those bright colors. Quite a change from the “satin” and dark colors of many big name brands.

  4. rickMarch 9, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    Thanks again!!

  5. DottieMarch 9, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    These pictures are really impressive. Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoyed being able to attend the show virtually.

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