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Murder of Couriers Trailer 5

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After a couple of years in the works the Murder Of Couriers film is complete and gearing up for the film festival season. Check out the latest trailer.

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  1. PeterMarch 1, 2013 at 6:44 am

    Go the bike couriers. I often work in town and I see these guys tearing up the tar and often wonder how they place their very lives in danger just to survive and be able to make a few dollars to take home. It’s the one thing I’ve always admired is to be able to keep fit while working. You wouldn’t have to exercise after you finish working. Governments and in particular state governments should do a lot more to protect our couriers on the roads. It’s great to see that bicycle lanes are slowly emerging within our towns and mostly in particular our cities. Wish I could have my years back so I could do all over again but on a bike instead.

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