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Moses Pedestrian Alert System

Moses from Jacob Cyriac on Vimeo.

Functionality aside, “Moses” as a device that “parts the crowds” is pretty hilarious branding. Moses is a bicycle mounted pedestrian alert system which relies on Infrared technology to locate obstacles in front of the rider, then emits flashing lights and random noises to grab the pedestrians’ attention. In Sweden it is rude to use a bell (so sensitive, they are!), so the noises are a polite way to ask permission to pass. Moses is only an experiment at this time and no mass production has been suggested at this point.

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  1. bigbenaugustMarch 19, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    Not a terrible idea… sometimes I have difficulty mustering enough volume to be heard on a path.

    Can it be heard over the pedestrians’ iPods? :)

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