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The post a few days back of Charlie Kelly’s Weird Bike Stuff inspired me to look through the last year or two of Interbike photos to see what I could dig up from the B-shots. There is no shortage of weirdness on display at the annual tradeshow hosted in Las Vegas, this is only a small slice of the pie. We’ll start it off with the hand saddle, which truly needs no introduction. I went back on the last day of the show to see if I could buy this saddle, but it was gone presumably into the collection of some other lucky soul.

Car companies that label some cheap bikes as their own come through every year, with some department store quality Chevrolet bikes here. Equally as much home to the freakshow section of the show are the pedal-cars. This one can carry the whole family! More after the jump.

Bikes that do everything wrong are popular. Maybe these people have never actually been on a bike, maybe they honestly think arm and leg powered bicycles are going to take over the market. One has to be careful went hunting these strange species of bicycles to avoid camera detection and the subsequent 40 minute conversation about the next big thing.

Then there is just the bizarre. Pedals that surely work as great as they look, and re-useable ass bandages. Really. Re-skin yourself.

With Interbike 2008 coming up fast September 22-26, we’ll resume the hunt for the next big thing and be sure to report back at a later date.

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  1. MarrockAugust 7, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    Hey, I have one of those Footbikes sitting right here.

    Got it for free a few months ago.

    Actually comes in handy for quick runs to the convenience store or for when I feel like freaking out the locals.

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