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Lulu in the Sky

Loung Ung, the subject of Riding With The Dragon in issue #25, has just published her third book entitled Lulu in the Sky.

As promised, the book proclaims her mother’s love for bicycles:

“And she loved to ride her bike down hills very fast!” Auntie Takea chuckled…

“Your ma used to jump on her bicycle and just fly down that road,” she said, her eyes gazing into the distance as if she were seeing this again.

“We couldn’t catch her. Your ma would ride so fast her hair was flying everywhere! And her long pants would lift up past her knees!”

“And all the young men would stare at her naked legs!” Second aunt cackled. “She would throw her arms up in the air and fly, steering the bicycle with her knees.”

Check out www.loungung.com

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