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Lezyne Steel Digital Drive Floor Pump

Lezyne  Steel Digital Drive FLoor PumpA good floor pump is an essential equipment for any cyclist. Lezyne offers an array of pumps and they chose to send in their Steel Digital Drive for review. It’s a solid pump in the middle of their Digital range, of course named for the use of a digital pressure gauge.

The 26″ tall pump features a steel barrel and piston, a wooden handle, an aluminum base and a nylon-reinforced braided hose. It’s a classic looking design with a few modern touches.

Lezyne Steel Digital Drive Floor PumpAs you would expect from a full-size floor pump, it takes care of business in a flash, easily achieving 100 psi. Lezyne claims it’s rated to 160 (11 bar). They also claim that the digital gauge is accurate to within 3%. My ordinary analog gauge seems to confirm that it’s in the ballpark, noting that every time you check air pressure you invariably lose some.

Lezyne Steel Digital Drive Floor PumpThe digital gauge is relatively simple with no backlighting, just a simple pressure reading in either PSI or bar. It uses a standard CR2O32 battery that’s easily accessed from the face of the unit. The lack of backlighting makes it a bit difficult to read in my shadowy basement, but said feature would probably drain the battery pretty quickly. As it is, Lezyne claims the battery should last at least one year. I always wish more floor pump designs would bring the gauge closer to the handle, but alas I’m sure if it were easy then more companies would do it.

Lezyne Steel Digital Drive Floor PumpThe Steel Digital Drive is available with one of two pump head configurations—dual valve or ABS Flip-Thread Chuck. We received the latter of the two, which is probably the more interesting of the two designs. The chuck is reversible for Presta or Schraeder, and it threads on to the valve. At first I found this a bit inconvenient, but I came to appreciate it. If that’s just not your cup of tea, they do include a L-shaped slip chuck adapter which also makes the pump usable on disc wheels.

Lezyne Steel Digital Drive Floor PumpThe chuck also features an air bleed system. When used in Presta mode, the small button releases pressure from the hose, making it easier to remove the chuck. For Schraeder valves, the button releases pressure from the tire.

The Steel Digital Drive retails for $90. Check out www.lezyne.com

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  1. JeffyMarch 3, 2014 at 10:52 am

    Looks nice just like the $100 billet drive pump I got from them 3 years ago. After 3 gauges replaced and two thread on chucks I gave up on it and purchased a specialized pump.

    The chuck design is great in theory until you try to pump up a presta tube with a removable valve core and it unthreads it. My chuck also required constant lubrication otherwise it would bind when trying to unthread. I later replaced the chuck with an aftermarket one.

    Next the gauge would start to read low and if you didn’t keep an eye on it you would over inflate the tire and blow it off the rim (I had a nice bruise from that). I got to the point I was checking the gauge for accuracy every time I used it. I ended up finally replacing the gauge with a digital gauge I had laying around.

    Finally their customer service was awful. The first gauge took 3 months to get a warranty replacement. When it failed again I just bought a new one rather then wait for a warranty replacement. When the third one failed I contacted lezyne and that experience was bad. I got nowhere except being blamed over and over that it was my fault the gauges were failing. They kept saying that it was an installation problem even though the first gauge was installed by them, the second by my LBS and the third by me. It’s just an unreliable gauge.

    I replaced the pump with a Specialized and haven’t had a single issue. Its a shame that something so simple could be such a pain.

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