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Let’s Talk About Bikes

An extensive exhibit on the impact bicycles have in the Boston public realm has opened at the BSA Space (Boston Society of Architects) and will run from now until August 31st. Titled Let’s Talk About Bikes, The exhibit is curated by Over,Under and presents five bicycle related themes: infrastructure, culture, transit, production and participation. The opening of the exhibit drew 800 people and created quite a buzz by cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

The Let’s Talk About Bikes page gives you the opportunity to engage with the exhibit by submitting your reasons for riding or NOT riding, which will become part of the exhibit itself and get you entered to win a bicycle from State Bicycle.

If you’re in the area, stop in and ogle the installations, infographics, hand-made frames and everything else they have going on. It looks to be an eye-pleasing and information filled show.

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