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iSSi Colorful SPD Compatible Clipless Pedals

iSSi is the latest brand out of the bike parts distribution giant QBP, an SPD compatible pedal system meant to compete with the more established pedal companies with pricing, color choices and serviceability. The pedals are available in eight color options to match the drapes, spinning on a bearing and bushing each. The pedals are completely rebuildable, with small parts kits available for the people prone to breaking or plain wearing out their pedals. Besides the standard length spindle, additional 6 mm and 12 mm longer options to tune your q-factor are in production should you want or a wider stance. A “trail” pedal is also in the works, featuring a small platform and similar color and spindle options. Look for a three bearing Duro version at some point this season for the people that really churn the miles. Recessed, two-bolt mountain style pedals are key to any sort of riding where there is the possibility of any walking or standing around , and these pedals from iSSi look to fit the city bill. The iSSi pedal uses a Wellgo cleat, and while not explicitly compatible with Shimano SPD cleats it seems as if some users out there in TV land are reporting success mixing brands. Look for these pedals at your local shop for $75, with the longer spindle options running but a few dollars more. We recently received a set of iSSi pedals for review, and look forward to reporting back after some real time with them.


  1. natMay 17, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    i got all exited when i saw these , then i read that they are bushed and the words ” rebuild kit” , bushed pedals are guff, the longest i have gotten from such devices is 3 months before the silly bush is worn enough to cause knee damaging slop, shimano have been using dual bearings for decades for very good reason and all the servicing they need is a touch of grease and the very occasional bearing adjustment which can be done with a £3 TL-PD 40 tool and a spanner , thee colour is tempting but the engineering is highly questionable . ;-)

  2. BIKELEPTICJune 2, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    What I love about the “rebuild kit” is that I’m getting a set this week and getting the kit right off the bat because I want orange/silver which they don’t sell. So I can get the silver kit and swap out the black and set it aside for another pedal for when I’m building a new bike. Total customization!

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