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Introducing the Tools of the Apocalypse

Mad Max had it all wrong. We aren’t going to be weighing down archaic gas guzzlers with 2 tons of protective armor in search of gasoline. Nope. When the grid goes down and the lights go out, we’ll be pulling out our bikes and getting out of dodge, or at least riding down to the community plaza to help charge someone’s cell phone/microwave/flowbee/etc. It’s already happening in small forms during temporary grid shut downs as evidenced by the above video. We reported on these bicycle generators set up during the Occupy..umm…occupations, and they’ve been drug out and repurposed for post-Sandy operations as well. Let’s get on it people, screw engineers creating the next social media and let’s continue expanding the roll of bicycles to get us through these little environmental hiccups in preparation for Earth’s great regurgitation.

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  1. Matthew JNovember 5, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Dynohub with usb charger lets you chargedevices while riding the bike.

  2. Seth HNovember 7, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    Hey Scott, as one of those engineers you mentioned in this post, the people figuring out how to use social media to connect commuters with local bike shops, collectively find and rate good cycling routes, and connect and organize volunteers for advocacy projects, screw you.

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