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Indianapolis unveiled a brand new bike map last night, though calling it a “map” is limiting as it’s correctly referred to as a “Ride Guide”, containing significantly more information than traditional maps. The guide was created using an algorithm called the Clark Index, in concert with Indy Cog staff and volunteers contributing over 200 hours of evaluation and subjective approval all the way through. I remember when Indy was just revisiting it’s bike plan and had massive photocopies on the walls for the public to mark up with various colored highlighters. When the meetings ended they were left with what looked like the inside of Timothy Leary’s head. This process sounds much more focused and organized. The final product displays streets ranked on their bikeability, verified by analyzing the number of lanes, usage, average cyclist speed, daily traffic and more. Additionally, the map highlights greenways, bike lanes, landmarks, neighborhoods, and more. This is a bike map, ride guide and tourist accessory all rolled into one.

Score another one for Indy. Check out an online version here. Reference some equally cool maps in your part of the world in the comments.

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