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Illustrated Dropout Guide – Kickstarter

dropoutWe all have a part of the bike that really fascinates us and we probably find ourselves staring at it longer than is healthy. Mechanic, Bryan Paxton, is no different, but he’s taken his aesthetic obsession and is hoping to turn it into an illustrated guide.

Focusing only on the dropout, Paxton has been illustrating their variety in pencil/ink and, with funding, hopes to publish a book that will showcase 100+ dropouts from the period 1930 to 1990. The book will serve as not only an artistic reference, but also a historical guide to the many variations in dropout design.

Paxton hopes to have the book ready by this Spring and is offering an 18 x 24 poster showcasing 48 dropouts for a limited number of backers and a signed copy of the book and poster for the second tier funders.

View the Kickstarter page.

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