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ICEdot Crash Sensor

This is a brilliant product that has gotten justifiably rave reviews from a number of media. The ICEdot is a helmet-mounted sensor and phone app that work together to alert emergency contacts in the event of a crash. So, say you’re out on a ride alone and go down, essentially knocking yourself unconscious. Instead of just sitting there and hoping someone drives by, the helmet sensor is triggered by the impact and then the app sends a text message to your emergency contacts including medical information, GPS coordinates and a map to locate where you are at that moment. I can think of two incidents (one cycling, one running) where I took nasty, disorienting spills (yes, while running) and it would have been very helpful to have others know I was in trouble. They’ve just initiated a fund drive on IndieGoGo and have 44 days left to reach their goal. Among other incentives, $200 gets you the product, which they expect to ship this coming March.

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