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Hufnagel and Ace Hotel

Hufnagel Cycles for Ace Hotel Portland from Ace Hotel on Vimeo.

We have a saying in Indianapolis, “You can leave, but you’ll be back.” They ALWAYS come back. Jordan Hufnagel left for greener pastures years ago and likes to come back every once in awhile, but only to remind us that he isn’t staying. He’s a jerk. Still, dude makes beautiful bikes, so we’ll let it slide for now.

One of his recent projects involved making a fleet of his rides for the Portland Ace Hotel that they now rent out to their patrons, which is a pretty amazing perk. Ace documented the creation and threw up this nice little video, showing all the little details and craftsmanship that go into a Hufnagel ride.

See you when you move back Jordan….jerk. ;)

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