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Bike camping seems to be the rage right now, but for slower traveling nomads or those living in the city, popping up a tent in public gets you in trouble almost immediately. An Amsterdam artist, Bas Sprakel, has considered this dilemma and created an intermediate between bike camping and homeless domiciles, called the HouseTrike. The mobile temporary home includes a bed with an internal locking mechanism for safety. Sprakel is considering making adjustments in the next fabrication and taking the bike on a tour of Europe to show it’s practical nature.

To me it was important that is was multi-functional and practical for all most everybody who is living without a roof above their head. It didn’t need to be luxurious but it had to be a device solving their basic needs, both psychical and mentally. So it is a bed that can be locked from the inside so you sleep well and feel fresh the next day. The box has a lot of space to store a lot of stuff but is still small so it is stil light and easy to use. Also extended it is still small and therefore you can sleep anywhere you want, also in the city without being noticed that fast. It provides in a very sober way all the basic needs.

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  2. DJuly 28, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    Interesting idea but don’t know that I would like to be locked inside a box on the street or in the woods. Even if I can control the lock from the inside. This picture demonstrates the vulnerability of someone if they were literally inside this thing sitting on a dock, next to the street, the top of a hill, etc. You better have a really good lock to secure the bike.

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