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HorseShoe Disc Rotor Guard

horseshoe-1 There are a number of home made rotor guards on the bike polo circuit, like this one from Lancaster player Matt “Horse” Krofcheck. While not officially for sale, I know there are a couple of other out there beyond Matt’s personal version pictured here. Cut from 4 mm thick 6061 aluminum, the guard is light and strong enough that there aren’t any reports out there of a busted one quite yet, and it’s not like a guy named Horse takes it easy out there. It is meant to fit a 160 mm rotor and bolts onto most any international standard fork, though with the varitions in dropouts and caliper placement out there I’m sure someone can find a bike it doesn’t fit on. A recent update to the design is the secondary caliper guard, a simple piece of aluminum that is spaced out from the mount and prevents caliper damage from an errant mallet or crash. You can find Matt at www.lancasterpolo.com, perhaps if you bug him enough you can get your very own HorseShoe.

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