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Horse Cycles Shop Tour

Horse Cycles is a one-man frameshop out of Brooklyn, specializing in lugged or TIG welded road, track and commuter bikes. I first met builder Thomas Callahan at a polo tournament last year where we both showed up with incomplete teams and were drafted to play together, and made sure on my last trip to New York I made time to see his shop. His personal polo bike was impressive, the work in the shop even more so. Flowing racks, impeccable wet paint work, and a friendly shop cat. Thomas was in the midst of machining a rear LED housing meant for the pictured rear rack during my visit, at the time prepping for an upcoming (since passed) show. Thomas has been building since 2006, going the self-taught route for most of it with the support of other small builders constantly visiting one another and trading techniques and ideas.

See more from Thomas at www.horsecycles.com

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