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Grand Cru Threadless Bottom Bracket

Damaged bottom bracket threads are a common cause of death of otherwise good frames. Strip or warp them and common knowledge says the frame is toast—if you can’t keep your bottom bracket where it needs to be, you aren’t getting very far. Threadless bottom brackets have been around for a long time, but remain a niche item for fixing damaged threads, or for using a French, Italian or Swiss threaded frame with more modern, easily replaceable components. This threadless bottom bracket from Velo Orange recently came to the rescue for my friend Shaun with a treasured frame with buggered threads, “I went with it because of some scattered online comments about slightly updated design on these plus not having to bevel the shell like you were supposed to on the older models. A beautiful piece of engineering made for people with trashed threads, I love it.” It expands internally, sort of like a quill stem, and grabs hold of the inside of the frame. Square taper only, if there isn’t enough metal to cut new threads this may be the only thing (and the $65 price tag) between your old frame and the scrap heap.

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  1. dontcoastJuly 28, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Sunlite/JB also has such a BB available, but much cheaper in cost and quality. Good option for loaners, beaters, burners and freakbikes.

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