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Gothamcargo Wooden Cargo Box


Anyone that has been on a ride or three with me, or has been following this site closely over the years, knows that I’m a big fan of front cargo racks and baskets. In my opinion bikes handle better overall with the weight up front rather than on the back, though it does take some getting used to, and it just makes sense to be able to keep an eye on your cargo. In Europe where hauling everyday itesm to and fro on two wheels is that much more common it’s hard not to notice the wooden crates people repurpose as cargo boxes, though I wouldn’t reccomend carrying unsecured glass bottles like in the photo unless you’re looking to pour some out for your homies. Gothamcargo makes a number of wooden cargo boxes with aluminum axle mount legs and a brake hole mount, leaving your bars free from clamps and lending a classic Euro feel and function to your bike. Three models are available priced between $80 and $140 for the complete kit, all made in Greece and available in a number of colors to match whatever look you desire.

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