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Giro Ride Jersey

giro_webGiro’s New Road collection is an interesting take on cycling apparel. As the name implies, it was designed with road riding in mind. They’ve put a huge emphasis on fashion, creating a high-end alternative to gaudy lycra and spandex. In the past, many companies have produced casual clothing with cycling-specific features, and while they look good enough to wear après-bike, they tend to fall short in the performance arena. Giro, instead, took the approach of making high-performance cycling wear that makes no bones about what it is, but simply looks so nice that you wouldn’t feel self-conscious wearing it into the café.

DSC_8895_1Perhaps the best example of the New Road philosophy is the Ride Jersey. Made from a merino wool blend, it features an eight inch zipper and three rear pockets. The fabric looks and feels like high-quality cotton, but performs like the original technical fabric should. The stitching is pronounced, which gives the jersey a look that says, “This wasn’t made by faceless factory workers, this was made by human hands.”

DSC_8897_1And it was. The Ride Jersey was sewn in California. I applaud the honesty of the tag, as like many American-made products the raw materials are imported.

DSC_8898_1Other features include forward facing vents on the shoulders and a rubberized elastic waistband. The jersey is not quite form-fitting, but it’s far from baggy.

DSC_8901_1The blend of 80% wool and 20% polyester makes the Ride Jersey significantly more durable than 100% wool garments, thus it can be machine washed and tumble dried.

The Ride Jersey is available in four colors and sizes XS-XXL. It retails for $150. Check out www.giro.com

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