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Garmin – The Edge

Now, this I love. The video and the product. Full disclaimer, I’ve never owned a Garmin watch or bike computer, not for cycling or running, but the ability to connect to others rides and follow them is very enticing. Granted, this video is about using The Edge for training purposes, but it could be pretty cool to follow the location of your perpetually late friends or even keep track of your kid out on a ride. The trickle down potential or even just alternate application for this computer is great.

I’ve often thought of the ability to track cyclists or runners during a race, instead of getting text updates that are often late or inaccurate, and this usage of GPS basically makes it a reality.

The Edge 510 is priced at $330 and the 810 is at $700. The corresponding mobile app will be available on the 10th. Get all the specs at Garmin.

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  1. bergerandfriesJanuary 8, 2013 at 9:11 am

    Scott, a very dear friend of mine was using the Endomondo app on his iPhone on his bicycle when he was t-boned by a car. I knew immediately what had happened and was able to reconstruct the incident based on the GPS data displayed real time on the Endomondo website. I also was able to see the ambulance driver hit 83mph getting him to the hospital. I hope some day to buy that driver a beer and give him/her a hug for helping to save my friend’s life.

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