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Fyxation Mesa 61 Alloy Pedal Review

fyxation_mesa_61_alloy_pedal-1Platform pedals, with or without straps, are some of my favorites. Nothing says everyday bike utility like being able to ride in most any shoes you just happen to have on. And as countless BMX riders have shown you don’t need to be attached to your pedals with a cleat or straps, a platform is enough to fly. Over the years I’ve grown to prefer low profile platforms on my street bikes for cornering clearance, foot strap compatibility and of course looks. The Fyxation Mesa 61 alloy pedal is the highest end pedal from Fyxation yet, the top of three in the Mesa line following the form of the previously reviewed nylon-bodied Mesa, and the metal-pinned Mesa MP.

fyxation_mesa_61_alloy_pedal-2The Mesa 61 features a 6061 aluminum pedal body with replaceable steel pins for grip, providing a large 106 x 100 mm platform with the durability that only metal components can give. The pedal spins on a chromoly spindle via a sealed outside bearing and inner bushing. Most striking is of course the 12 mm platform body height — beyond looking cool it maximizes the cornering clearance given the width of the platform, and allows you to set your seat a few millimeters lower for a slightly lower center of gravity. The slim platform also lends itself to the new-school foot retention systems, allowing the flat nylon straps to easily slip into cage without folding.

At 380 g per pair the Mesa 61 carries a mere 60 g penalty over the nylon bodied Mesa, making the choice between them more about function than the scale given the design. It’s all about the large, nearly square platform and the support it gives across your foot. I have big feet, and the large platform prevents my feet from hurting when wearing flexy street shoes, even after pedaling all day on overnight bike camping trips. The metal body seems durable, though for what it’s worth my original nylon Mesa pedals are still limping along a few years after the initial review. I say limping as the end of my Mesa pedals has deformed around the bearing cap, something the Mesa 61 should be more resistant to over the miles. After a solid six months on the bike I’ve yet to lose a traction pin, and the pedals spin as good as new. All is well with the Mesa 61 going into the fall and winter boot season where the extra large platform is even more appreciated.

fyxation_mesa_61_alloy_pedal-3The Mesa 61 is a top-end platform pedal with an alloy body and sealed bearings and commands a premium at $97. If that’s too much to swallow, check out the $30 Gates Slim for a similar form with loose ball bearings and a nylon body.

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