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Fixcraft Bike Polo Specific Hot Ball

We all knew it was eventually coming—a hardcourt bike polo specific ball. We’ve all been using hockey balls for years now, but there is no consistency in choice from city to city, availability of the really nice ones can be dicey, and no matter what in the hot conditions of summer tournaments none of them maintain the proper feel. Even when kept on ice, hot weather hockey balls can get gummy in just a minute or two on hot asphalt courts in the heat of the summer. The Fixcraft Hot Ball is meant to mimic the best hockey balls out there while lasting a bit longer, and working in higher temperatures than when competitors go soft. Recommended for above 60° F, the high density PVC will be too brittle in colder temperatures, and readily available cool weather hockey balls work great already. Given my completely positive experience with Fixcraft mallet shafts, I’d expect they did their homework on this one too. The true test will come this April when these are widely circulated to players. Bright orange so you can see it under the lights, save a buck and pre-order for $3 each.

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