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Fixcraft Bike Polo Mallet Shaft

Hailing from Kansas, Fixcraft is especially well aware of the fact that you can’t always find used ski poles. And even for those of us who live within an hour of a ski resort, it’s not always easy to find high quality poles that will stand up to the abuse of bike polo. So Fixcraft went ahead and ordered some high quality, 7075 T6 aluminum poles from an overseas manufacturer.

At 49.5″, the uncut mallet shafts are extra long with a 33″ straight section (.71″ diameter) and a 16″ taper (.38″ at it’s narrowest diameter). The 7075 T6 aluminum has been taking a serious beating for several months, yet the only visible damage is cosmetic. I tend to bend mallets rather quickly, so it’s really quite remarkable that the shaft is still straight as an arrow, even after some truly brutal mallet to mallet contact.

The Fixcraft shaft retails for $14.00, 3 for $40.50 and 6 for $75. Visit www.fixcraft.net for more info.

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