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Five Ten Dirtbag Lace-Up

Five Ten Dirtbag Lace-UPThe Five Ten Dirtbag was designed as a multi-sport shoe, so they’ll work for skateboarding, cycling, etc. They’re also a very nice casual shoe. From a performance standpoint, the biggest factor is the use of Stealth rubber.

Stealth rubber was developed by Five Ten’s founder, Charles Cole, back in 1985. The idea was to create a rubber that could help rock climbers achieve greater traction as well as reduce fatigue by increasing its shock absorption capacity. The original formula was critically acclaimed, and new formulas of Stealth rubber were designed for specific applications. The Dirtbag uses Stealth Phantom rubber which allows for a non-marking outsole without sacrificing performance.

Five Ten Dirtbag Lace-UPAnd the Stealth rubber really does what it’s claimed to do—it sticks to the pedals. This has made Five Ten’s shoes especially popular with gravity assisted mountain biking enthusiasts.

Five Ten Dirtbag Lace-UPThe Dirtbag shoes are notably comfortable, and they feel rather light (actual weight is 714 g per pair). The soles may be a bit soft and flexible for some cyclists’ taste, but the tradeoff is that they’re equally functional on or off the bike.

MSRP is $95. Check out www.fiveten.com

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