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Electric Assist Solar Car-Like Tricycle

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Let this documentary take you back to TV day in science class. It’s definitely nerdy, but potentially part of a solution to relatively local travel problems. Fast forward to 5:30 for what I suspect is what most bike people think of things like this. I guess this could help bridge the gap between bike and car, but I’d rather not see these on current bike-ped pathways.


  1. andrewApril 20, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    any alternative that gets people out of cars, reducing combustion of fossil fuels and
    the resulting greenhouses gases that accompany that, getting people some exercise is all good
    the response of the ‘pure’ cycling community represented by the bicycle shop owner
    is so depressing and negative,
    any machine that gets people out of their cars and getting some exercise
    should be embraced by the cycling community because
    ebikes are bringing people back to cycling
    who have been away from cycling for some time or can no longer cycle without some help
    ebikes are vilified by a large portion of that community especially in North America and
    yet is being seen by most of the rest of the world as an important piece of the transportation mix
    all forms of cycling are good for the planet and good for our health and it’s time for all cycling groups to pull together to increase any form of cycling

  2. NickApril 20, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    For me, I don’t see how its any improvement over what is already out there. It looks cute is all. Its weight and width restricts where it can go and its maneuverability compared to a single track bicycle or tricycle. The outside cover may protect you from the weather but it restricts air flow on hot days and it doesn’t even have windshield wiper for when it rains. So a rain storm would still stop you. And how in the world would you lock it up? Have to get a garage I would guess.

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