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eggThese helmets by EGG are cute as hell! Even better, they are customizable at the online shop, allowing the buyer to choose from 8 different skins and 6 different add-ons. They are also loaded with a number of impressive features, such as an air bladder for a perfect fit and one-touch strap tightening to prevent pinching. Unfortunately, these are only for kids!

The helmets are specified to meet all European safety standards for multiple sports, so the helmets can be used for cycling, skiing, and any other risky activity. The helmets come in adjustable small and medium sizes and you’re probably looking to pay around $133 American bucks, which is certainly a lot for a kids helmet, but….just look at them!

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  1. AndreasFebruary 22, 2013 at 7:55 am

    Hej guys,
    hej Scott,
    I like your blog a lot. But today I nearly spit my pasta over my computer during lunch break and while reading this article.
    “… so the helmets can be used for cycling, skiing, and any other risky activity”. What? Do you seriously consider cycling as a risky activity?
    Additionally: do you have any proof that a helmet is protecting a kid’s head better than its own ability to fall in a safe way (since kids know how to do it)? The little one in the picture is using a trainer bike in a park. Should it also wear a helmet when it is running there (with no wheels involved)?
    Please, consider making cycling not feeling more dangerous than it is. Because that would prevend people from cycling and they would miss the healthiest, most fun and very social way of transportation.
    All the best – Andreas (Germany)

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