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DIY Shimano Electronic Shifter

At the high end electronic shifting is all the rage—lighter, with faster and more accurate shifts is the word on the street pretty well all around. The systems out there certainly have their downsides, and all of them are expensive by any measure, but remain interesting in the tech realm even if not for your particular riding style or budget. In an effort to create the ultimate bike computer with integrated electronic shifting Nabil Tewolde posted his DIY Electronic Shifter along with simpler instructions on the design at Intructables. Using an arduino board and some basic electrical and mechanical components it looks like this whole conversion at the 0.1 prototype level ran about $200 in parts according to a more knowledgeable friend. It’s clunky, it’s not perfect, but given it is a working first prototype and already includes features like auto-trim adjustment I’d say it’s pretty impressive.

Read more at nabilt.github.com

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